Ozil Need To Develop His Skill If Still Want To Play In Premier League Competition

Ozil Need To Develop His Skill If Still Want To Play In Premier League Competition

George Graham as the former Arsenal coach explained that Mesut Ozil’s career could still be saved. He believes Ozil is one of the best players at Arsenal. According to Graham, Arsenal only need to find a way to maximize the potential that is at Ozil.

Since Unai Emery arrived, Ozil’s situation at the club has become increasingly unclear. He is often reserved because his playing style does not match what Emery wants. In addition Ozil has also stumbled on discipline problems so that he is more often seen on the player bench.

But the situation is now starting to change, Emery begins to give Ozil a bit of trust. The last time he managed to show his fangs when his club won over Newcastle with a score of 2-0.

Graham argues that Ozil has a problem with parts of the movement without the ball, in the sense Ozil is still less aggressive in winning the ball. He only tries to close the opponent’s space, according to Graham this aspect must be developed from Ozil’s self.

“If I’m still serving as a coach, maybe I will choose Pattrick Vieira and Emmanue Petit to play on both sides and then put Ozil in the middle,” Graham said as quoted by Love Sport Radio.

“He is a deadly player when he controls the ball, this is no doubt.”

“But if they can maximize Ozil in terms of winning the ball, they will be a terrible team,” continued Graham.

“In modern football, players cannot just get the ball, they also have to be active in seizing the ball from opponents. When Ozil succeeded in mastering this aspect, he would be a terrible player, “he said.