Fletcher Said That Rooney Is A Great Player

Fletcher Said That Rooney Is A Great Player

Former of Manchester United, Darren Fletcher said that the England public attitude to Wayne Rooney was not right. Darren said that Rooney is a player who should get more appropriate treatment and appreciation. Because he saw the figure of Rooney is a very fantastic player and has often sacrificed for the team.

Since brough from Everton in 2002, Rooney immediately became an important player for the club. Rooney was brought in at a price of 37 million Euros. The player finally decided to leave United in 2018.

Rooney often gets criticism in his last two seasons with the Red Devils. Rooney is considered a failure to show maximum performance when playing with United. Not only at club level, when playing with England National Team, Rooney was also bombarded with criticism. But Fletcher thought differently. He actually considers Rooney has given many things to the club.

“He is a great player. We have a good relationship at United. Many great and experienced players in eam and Rooney have the same background as me. ”

“We found the right rhythm and had many matches.”

“He should get a decent award, not this kind of insult. The public does not know Rooney’s true abilities. Rooney is always there when needed and he must get praise, not insults. ”

“He is a person who always sacrifices for the team, he is always there when the team needs it,” said Fletcher.