Romagnoli: I'm Happy At Milan

Romagnoli: I’m Happy At Milan

Alessio Romagnoli as AC Milan captain responded to news that said he would leave the club and join Juventus. Romagnoli explained that he is currently very happy at AC Milan and said he would not leave the club.

Romagnoli himself is a young Roma dropout akamedi player. He joined AC Milan in the summer of 2015. Since joining in 2015, he has become an important pillar for AC Milan. Until now, Romagnoli had played 135 matches with Milan and had collected eight goals.

The impressive performance made him stay tuned to join Juventus. He also reportedly entered into the radar search for Juventus players for this season.

But the news seems to be a mere hoax, because the player confirmed that he would still play with AC Milan.

“I have never heard of this rumor,” Romagnoli said as reported by the Italian Football.

“I am happy to play at Milan and I will not leave the club.”

Romagnoli also confirmed that he was very proud to be AC ​​Milan’s captain. Not only that, he also hopes to play as long as possible in Milan.

“I want to continue playing here. Being a team captain is an honor for me. I want to stay at the club as long as possible. “AC Milan is the club where I should be,” concluded Romagnoli.