Solskjaer Salut With United's Defensive Player Performance

Solskjaer Salut With United’s Defensive Player Performance

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sent his praise to United’s defense after his team won over Leicester City. Solskjaer believes his players have worked hard at the match and the fruits of their hard work are victory.

In the match that was held at the King Power Stadium, the headquarters of Leicester City, Manchester United successfully scored through the action of Marcus Rashford.

Seeing the lag, Leicester tried to increase the intensity of the game and try to kick off the heart of United’s defense. But Victor Lindelof and Eric Bailly’s slick performance was able to confront any Leicester opportunity.

Despite the win, Solskjaer claimed to be less satisfied with the game shown by United.

“We know that we can play better” not to MUTV.

Indeed United’s overall performance is still not optimal. But Solskjaer was pleased with the hard work of his players so they could maintain their superiority and win the match.

“We can’t keep playing fantasy balls every week. Today we can only control the ball, I don’t think we are trying to win the ball from the opponent, “he continued.

“But I am satisfied with United’s defense. They have risked everything. They dare to sacrifice their bodies to win this match. I think our victory was largely thanks to the excellent performance of the defender. ”

“It should have been like this, there were lots of tackles released. You have to take risks and risk everything to win, “concluded the coach.