Ronaldo Ask Juventus For Recruit Pogba

Superstar Juventus player, Ronaldo has been reported asking Juventus to recruit Paul Pogba from Manchester United on next January.

There is a rumor about Pogba future in Manchester United. Many people say that Pogba will leave Manchester United as soon as possible. Pogba has a bad relation with Jose Mourinho, Manchester United coach.

Pogba always denying about the rumor, but he also gives a signal to leave Old Trafford as soon as possible.

Not only that, there’s also a rumor that said Lionel Messi asking Barcelona to recruit Pogba, Ronaldo as a rival don’t want to lose and asking Juventus to recruit Pogba. Ronaldo said if Juventus recruit Pogba, he can bring a new power to Juventus to win Champions League.

Jose Mourinho maybe don’t want to lose Pogba, but Mourinho will give the player if Juventus trade him with Dybala. Long time ago, Mourinho has been reported want to recruit Dybala, but there is no chance for him. Maybe this time will be a perfect time to Mourinho for recruit Dybala.

For your information, Manchester United now struggling with their team. As we know, they keep losing in their previous match, so let’s see what will happen to Manchester United next.

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