Icardi: Without Messi, Argentina Looks Weird !

Lionel Messi as Barcelona star player will not participate in a series of test matches that will be undertaken by Argentina. The absence of the superstar from the Argentine squad looks strange in the eyes of Mauro Icardi.

As we know, Argentina has always been strengthened by Lionel Messi since 2005. Although 31 years old, Lionel Messi is still trusted to strengthen Argentina in the 2018 World Cup competition yesterday.

Unfortunately, he will miss the series of friendly matches that will be played by Argentina. Seeing this, the public began to doubt whether Lionel Messi would eventually stop defending Argentina in international competition.

Mauro Icardi himself missed the Russian World Cup competition yesterday. He even felt strange if Lionel Messi stopped defending Argentina. He also explained that Messi did need time after Argentina’s failure in yesterday’s World Cup competition. This may be the reason why the superstar chose to be absent.

“This is a rare thing. A Lionel Messi doesn’t compete with Argentina, it’s also strange for all his fans. ”

“Messi is the best player in the world, everyone knows this. But he did need time to rest after yesterday’s failure at the World Cup. ”

As we know, Lionel Messi got a lot of scathing criticism from the fans for failing to bring Argentina to win at the World Cup yesterday, possibly this is the reason why Messi does not want to defend Argentina. Many say Messi did not get proper treatment from fans.