Ronaldo Feel Extremely Happy For His First Goal in Juventus – The time is come now ! Football fans around the world especially Juventus and also Cristiano Ronaldo fans should be feel very happy after last night match. In that match Juventus can win againys Sassuolo with the score 2 – 1. But what makes it more special is in that match, Ronaldo, Their New superstar success for the first time scoring a goal when he is wearing Juventus jersey. After 4 match Ronaldo playing without scoring even one goal, now Ronaldo succeed scoring a brace and bring Juventus wins againts Sassuolo.

Cristiano Ronaldo tells that he feels very happy about this match, Moreover 33 years old footballer tell that because of this goal he feel very confident on having a good result with Juventus in this season. Not only one goal, Ronaldo succeed scoring two goal for bring his team wins against other teams as he always do.

His first goal happen after blunder inside of Sassuolo penalty area, without difficulty Ronaldo as the right man in the right place with his soft touch succeed scoring his first goal. And for his second goal it come from Sami Khedira assist that finish beautifully by ronaldo.

Selebrasi Cristiano Ronaldo

For his second goal, His unique celebration comes out in the side of the field fills with an standing applause from Juventus fans. Moreover after finish the match Ronaldo directly showing his feelings about that night.

” I feel very happy after scoring this two goals with Juventus,” Write Ronaldo on his private instagram.

” But above from anything, i feel very happy can give an important contribution towards team winning that night.”

Let wait how many goal Ronaldo will have in this season with Juventus ?

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