Train Portugal National Team? Here's the Answer of Jose Mourinho

Train Portugal National Team? Here’s the Answer of Jose Mourinho

Until now, Jose Mourinho has still not determined where his destination was after being released by Manchester United. However, lately widely reported several names of clubs that will become the place of refuge for the coach, even Mourinho reportedly has entered the candidate coach who will handle the Portuguese national team.

Mourinho has been “unemployed” since December 2018 yesterday. The coach was dismissed by United’s management after his team lost to Liverpool. Well we can’t argue, United’s performance at the start of the season is indeed quite bad.

After leaving United, Mourinho was reportedly going to coach Real Madrid and Chelsea, but the news has not been proven to date.

Mourinho himself said there were at least four teams who had offered to recruit him, unfortunately Mourinho refused, because at the moment the competition was in the middle of the season, it was difficult to overhaul the team in this very short time.

Meanwhile Portugal’s performance at the 2018 World Cup yesterday was not exactly brilliant. Fernando Santos’s position in Portugal is said to be insecure. Seeing this, Mourinho gave clarification regarding the news.

“I don’t think Fernando Santos needs to worry,” Mourinho said as quoted by the International Goal.

“I am not interested in training the national team in the near future. Santos and I are good friends. I will train the national team at the end of my career, but not for now. ”

“Honestly, I want to go back to training next season. I just want to join a club that can motivate me, “concluded Mou.