Even Without Ronaldo, La Liga Still Become The Most Attractive League

Even Without Ronaldo, La Liga Still Become The Most Attractive League

Steve McManaman, a former Real Madrid manager, also spoke out about Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Juventus. McManman explained that Ronaldo’s departure would not have a big impact on the La Liga competition.

As we know, the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from La Liga reaps a lot of public response from world football. Many say that the departure of the mega star will make La Liga competition boring. This is because Ronaldo is one of the main stars in the competition. He also became a rival of Lionel Messi who played for the Barcelona club.

But McManman looked at a different perspective. According to him, Ronaldo’s departure will not have a big influence on La Liga competition.

“Ronaldo’s departure for Juventus will not have a big impact on this competition.”

He also said that La Liga had lost its iconic players several times. But the competition is still in demand today.

“Ronaldo himself has played in England, he has changed clubs several times.”

“Neymar is like that too. So in my opinion, this will not have much impact on La Liga competition. ”

“La Liga is the highest caste competition that has always attracted the attention of football lovers. So in my opinion, the transfer of players in Europe is a natural thing. ”

“Real Madrid and Barcelona will not lose their charm. They are the two biggest teams in the world. “