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Nelson: Real Madrid Must Have Missed Ronaldo

Nelson: Real Madrid Must Have Missed Ronaldo

Barcelona right-back, Nelson Semedo, assessed the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo was missed by Real Madrid. On the other hand, he considered Ronaldo’s move to be good news for the Barcelona camp. After giving the 2017/18 Champions League title, Ronaldo made Madrid fans sad. Because, the 34-year-old player chose to leave, Ronaldo then joined Juventus.

Ronaldo was Madrid’s goal machine in the last nine seasons. Admittedly, Ronaldo’s departure made Madrid unsteady in the 2018/19 season. The number of goals Madrid have dropped quite dramatically this season.

A series of poor results achieved by Real Madrid in the 2018/19 season. Failure in the Copa del Rey, far behind Barcelona in the La Liga standings and finally also eliminated from the competition in the Champions League stage.

In a situation like this now, Nelson Semedo believes that Madrid will miss the presence of Ronaldo. “Real Madrid are currently missing out on Ronaldo,” Semedo was quoted as saying by Portuguese media, SIC. “I can’t say that [Ronaldo’s leave] had a bad impact on Barca. With Ronaldo [at Real Madrid] it will be a more difficult, more competitive,”.

Barcelona are now going smoothly in the La Liga standings. Until the 27th week, Barca had won 63 points, seven points ahead of Atletico Madrid in second place. Like only Real Madrid without the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Nelson Semedo also considered Barcelona would be difficult if left by Lionel Messi.

Barca will still be great, but it will be different if there is no Messi. “Without Lionel Messi, we will still play well, but will not be the same.” Messi still holds the most important role in the Barca squad for the 2018/19 season. La Pulga has so far scored 26 goals in La Liga and eight in the Champions League. The most compared to other Barca players.

Even Without Ronaldo, La Liga Still Become The Most Attractive League

Steve McManaman, a former Real Madrid manager, also spoke out about Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Juventus. McManman explained that Ronaldo’s departure would not have a big impact on the La Liga competition.

As we know, the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from La Liga reaps a lot of public response from world football. Many say that the departure of the mega star will make La Liga competition boring. This is because Ronaldo is one of the main stars in the competition. He also became a rival of Lionel Messi who played for the Barcelona club.

But McManman looked at a different perspective. According to him, Ronaldo’s departure will not have a big influence on La Liga competition.

“Ronaldo’s departure for Juventus will not have a big impact on this competition.”

He also said that La Liga had lost its iconic players several times. But the competition is still in demand today.

“Ronaldo himself has played in England, he has changed clubs several times.”

“Neymar is like that too. So in my opinion, this will not have much impact on La Liga competition. ”

“La Liga is the highest caste competition that has always attracted the attention of football lovers. So in my opinion, the transfer of players in Europe is a natural thing. ”

“Real Madrid and Barcelona will not lose their charm. They are the two biggest teams in the world. “

Allegri Gave Compliment To Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo became a very crucial figure for Juventus in the match against Ajax in the Champions League. The mega star managed to score one goal for Juventus at the end of the first half.

As many people predicted, the match between Juventus and Ajax went quite intensely. Ajax’s strength cannot be underestimated, besides being able to displace Real Madrid, they can also draw against Juventus in this first leg.

Massimiliano Allegri also did not want to comment much when asked about Ronaldo’s ability. According to Allegri, Ronaldo’s ability is known to everyone. But there are two things that make Ronaldo different from other great players.

Allegri explained that Ronaldo was a player at a different level who could find a gap to score even though he was in a bad position. This has been shown by Ronaldo when netting a goal against Ajax.

“Ronaldo has proven everything. Ronaldo’s greatness has taken him to a different level. He was able to find a gap at the right time and convert it to a goal, “Allegri said as reported by the Italian Football.

“He was able to bring the game and provide encouragement and create movement for his teammates. Federico Bernardeschi and Blaise Matuidi also managed to make good moves at the start of the match. ”

“Ronaldo’s colleague was also great, they were able to create a space for Ronaldo and give a perfect pass. We will focus on the second leg match later. “

Reason Why We Must Love Ronaldo

Mega star Cristiano Ronaldo is a highly respected figure by football lovers. Actually, if you look further, there are many things that make Cristiano Ronaldo loved by many people.

We call it his choice not to tattoo his body. The reason is simple, because he often donates blood. Ronaldo’s decision not to make a tattoo was because it took one year for someone who had just made a tattoo to donate blood. Ronaldo did not want his blood donor activity to be disturbed because of the tattoo. Is that nice? Absolutely yes!

He also loves charity. Ronaldo explained that his father used to always teach to always do good. Every good deed done will be multiplied by God. This is the basis of why Ronaldo continues to do good deeds by doing charity. Ronaldo also does not show off his property when doing charity. It is precisely the reporters themselves who find out when and how much the donation is given by Ronaldo. One of the real actions that is still remembered today is when Ronaldo decided to become a foster parent of Martunis, a boy who survived the Aceh tsunami tragedy.

Not only that, Ronaldo also never forgets the services of his old friends. Call it Albert Fantrau who got the mansion prize from Ronaldo. At that time while playing at Sporting CP, Albert did give a pass to Ronaldo. Thanks to these goals, Ronaldo’s career gap in the international world is increasingly wide open. Therefore the mansion was given as a sign of thanks to Albert.

Although living with a wealth of treasures, but the most valuable thing for Ronaldo is family. Ronaldo often gather with family while on vacation. He really values ​​togetherness so he built a big house on a small island that was used as a place to gather with family.

If you want to say who is the most friendly soccer player with fans, maybe Ronaldo will be included in the main list. How not, you still remember the incident where Ronaldo hugged and gave autographs to the little boy who became his fan? Even though he arrived late at the 2018 World Cup, he still took the time to entertain the child and take him to take a picture together. Its a big WOW!

How ? Is there still no reason to love Cristiano Ronaldo? In our opinion, no! The reason above is enough to make everyone fall in love with Ronaldo’s character.