Lewis Hamilton Become the Fast on Russia

Elitesports.fun – Mercedes racer, Lewis hamilton, becoming the first that cross the finish line on Sochi Autodrom circuit, on the F1 race in Russia, sunday local time.

Lewis Hamilton can finish 2.545 second over than his fellow teammate Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) that finish as the runner up on that race. Moreover, the podium for F1 GP Russia 2018 is completed with Sebastian Vettel that can finish on the third position.

The race is start with Valtteri Bottas as the pole position that have a perfect start when hamilton having his hard time because of the threat that come from Vettel that also start this race with a good time. At last Hamilton can handle Vettel and make the 1 – 2 position is secure only for the Mercedes racer.

Meanwhile, Max Verstappen that start from the 19 position also having a good start. he can reach the fifth position when the race just start for 10 round. When overtake is too hard to be done, Vettel try to use  their strategy on the pit stop in other to try reach two Mercedes racer in front of him.

Bottas do a pit stop on the 12 lap, in where Vettel do it on the 13, that follow by hamilton on the 14 lap. And his tactic look can succeed when he can overtake the second position from Hamilton in the 15 lap. But that only happen for a second before Hamilton can overtake him again on the 16 lap.

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On the 25 lap, Mercedes try to give the first position to Hamilton because as we know that Hamilton is still our defending champion from last year. So because of that thing, Hamilton can succeed finish this race becoming the fastest to cross the finish line. Once again congratulation Hamilton !