McGregor Got Banned From MMA ? – Conor McGregor is getting a banned for having a fight on MMA Arena for a month after the lose he get from Khabib Nurmagomedov on the match that fight over the title of UFC lightweight on Las Vegas Saturday October 6, 2018.

That banned is based on the medical reason, in where McGregor lose after the tap out he do because of can not hold his opponent lock towards him. McGregor is banned from having a show until November 6th, also can not have a training season until October 28th.

It means that the Irlandia Fighter need to have a  fully recover and can not have an activity that having a relation with MMA on that time.

This banned is actually a common way that do by UFC to the fighter that choose to surrender on the fighting.

While he lose, McGregor got a more higher paid that Khabib. From the news we get, McGregor got a pay around $60 million , more than Khabib that only can get $2 million.

Khabib also become the side that lose more although he win that fight, Cause he will get sanctions for what he have done that provoke a commotion with attacking the McGregor side after that fight over.

From the report we get, The Russian MMA Fighter will be banned to fight at United States, And the money that he supposed to get will be cancel by The Athletic Nevada Committee and also he need to pay for the sanctions. The title that he fighting and won on that fight also threatened to be  revoked by the UFC.

So actually, who is the one that win that fight ??!!