The Retirement of John Terry, What is Next ? – John Terry, Ex Captain and also the regular back for Chelsea and England just announce his retirement for becoming a football player last night. Now after his retirement, Terry is being report directly will be in as the staff coach of Aston Villa teams.

Ex Chelsea player also Ex England player, Frank Lampard that play alongside with John Terry in such a long time sure that his ex teammates will succeed on becoming the coach. Lampard see Terry as the person that fulfill all the terms for becoming a good and succeed coach in football. Not only because his knowledge about the game that he play since he is a young boy, but also Lampard see Terry as the person that have a charisma on lead a team as a their coach.

“No doubt, I am sure that he already say about it (becoming the coach),” Tell lampard on the interview with the Sky Sports.

“John have the character and personality, and i am sure that every body are agree with that. He is a leader inside the field and also will become the one outside the field, So i am sure that he also will be succeed on becoming the leader as the coach, as the manager or whatever he want to be,” More from Lampard.

John Terry just announce his retirement as the football player from his private Instagram account. Ex Chelsea captain already have no bound with all the team after he leave Aston Villa on last season.

With Lampard, Terry is also in the part of the biggest succeed that Chelsea ever being in history until now. There are the one that can give Chelsea a  first and only Champion League title until now.

Now After Frank Lampard that already becoming the manager that taking care of Derby Country, the second division team on England that consider being succeed becoming the manager for the first time after his team knock out Manchester United from EPL Cup.

Will or Will not Terry can follow the path that already being do by his ex teammates ?