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“We Will Stronger Than Before,” From Gareth Bale

Real Madrid Stricker Gareth Bale is confident that his team will be stronger after the lose they get from Atletico Madrid on UEFA Super Cup. Bale alone is not playing in the game where Real Madrid should admit that Atletico Madrid is superior than them and lose by 4 – 2  in A Le Coq Arena, Estonia.

” I think that the team is playing well tonight, but clearly that is some mistakes make by our teams that cause we lose at the end of the game. We learn a lot from this lose and it will make us even stronger in the future,” Tell Bale to the reporter.

On that match Atletico is already leading from the first half. But Karim benzema can tie the game before the first half is over. Real Madrid turned the game by leading 2 – 1 with the goal score by their captain Sergio Ramos from penalty kick on 63 minute.

Costa tie the game and make it to the over time. Atletico Madrid score two goal in the over time by Saul Niguez and Koke and make Atletico win that game. But Bale is confident because of this lose, It will motivated he and his team to doing better in 2018/2019 season.

“Every team do not like to lose, especially ours, That feeling will motivated us to do better and make us stronger in the future,” Tell Him.

Let see what result will Bale and Real Madrid get this season after them losing their superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.



Luck is Not The Reason Why Real Madrid lose to Atletico Madrid – UEFA Super Cup that we know as an annual football match that held by UEFA every year that contested by the reigning champions of the two main European club competitions, the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Champions league on that year. Usually it will take place in the mid august of the year.

For this year UEFA Super Cup will be contested by two team that come from Spain and also known for their rivalry  history which is Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. On the game that held in Lillekula Stadium, Estonia, Atletico win with scored 4-2 in over time.

On this result their midfielder , Koke, say that the result that his team get over Real Madrid on that game is not happen by luck. For him the main reason why his team can win against Real is because of his team collectivists.

On that game , the first one to score a goal is Atletico striker Diego Costa on the first minute of the game. But before the first half is over, karim benzema score a goal and tie the match until the first half is over. on the second half Real Madrid looks like will win the game after Sergio Ramos scored a goal from penalty. But once again Diego Costa become the nightmare of Real Madrid Defender by scoring goal and force the over time to happen.

Atletico Madrid at last win the game by scoring two goal on overtime from the Gozalo goal of Saul Niguez (98) and Jorge Koke (104).

Koke looks this game as the result of his team hard work on this few years. He say that because there are playing together in a long time, they know each other better and can fill each other now and make them become more solid team.

This also become the third time Atletico can get a trophy of UEFA Super Cup. Moreover, It is look like that Real Madrid need to wait for their ambition in getting the same result as Barcelona and AC Milan that already get this trophy five time.

Can this lose become the sign where Real Madrid is missing Ronaldo after he move to Juventus on this year ?

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Experience is The Key factor Why Rossi Will be Ahead From Vinales – This year Yamaha choose Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales to represent them in the MotoGp race 2018. Until now both of them is agreed that Yamaha has a lot of problem for this year race. Their main problem should be on their electronic part, in where that give a bad impact to the Tracy of their  rear tire.

However, Valentino Rossi claim that he will be ahead from his fellow teammates, Vinales. According to The Doctor, his experience will be the main reason why Vinales can not win over him in this year MotoGp.

“For me, This is all about the experience that i have in the race until now, from the best until the bad race that i ever had. Vinales is still to young to understand that, also Character of him is one of the reason why i will be ahead on him,” Tell the Italian racer for us.

But beside of that Valentino Rossi also tell the reporter that Vinales will be getting back to the track like the moment when he first come to Yamaha.

“I believe that if we are not having a problem with our part, Vinales can win all the race in the rest session. He just need a better bike, after that he will be more competitive,” tell Rossi.

Until now Rossi is ahead from Vinales in the point result in where Rossi ahead 29 point from his teammates. On their last race in Austria Vinales only can finish in the 12 position, In where Rossi get a better result by finishing the race on 6 position.

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Asian Games Basket 2018 : Indonesia lose to South Korea 65 – 104 – Indonesia basketball team having a nightmare in their first game on Asian Games 2018. Indonesia lose to South Korea with the score 65-104.

Indonesia basketball man team having a match with Korea Selatan on the basketball hall at Gelora Bung karno, Senayan, Tuesday (14/8), On the first match we having on the Group A in the Asian Games 2018.

The hall is crowded by Indonesia supporter that come to watching their man playing. But since the first half Indonesia in look so difficult to find a rhythm and having a bad luck for the scoring. As we know South Korea is the winner of gold medal in Asian Games 2014 that take place in their home, Incheon. Indonesia looks confused in facing the speed of South Korea player. Also South korean play very effectively in finding a way on scoring the goal.

South korea not only wins by their Collectivists But also Indonesia player finding a mismatch because  South korea main center Ricardo Ratliffe look so big inside the game if we compare to any Indonesia player. As we know Ricardo is a Naturalization playing having by South Korea.

Ricardo himself become the player with the highest score, he get 30 point on this game with 19 rebounds and 6 assist. And beside of him, there are 5 player in South Korea that also having a double double in this game which is JungHyun, Kim SunHyung, Heo Ung, Heo Llyoung and Jeon Junbeom.

That looks so contrast if we compare to Indonesia player in where only Andakara Prastawa and Jamarr Johnson having a double double in this game. Andakara score 20 point in this game and 14 point get by Jamarr Johnson.

The main reason Indonesia can lose in this game is because of the rebound statistic. Indonesia only can get 26 rebounds in the whole game, and South korea can get 41. Indonesia player also having a lot of turnover in today game.

So until the last quarter, Indonesia never win against the South Korea in term of point and make the finaled score is 65-104 for South Korea.

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Rain Become “The Lucky factor” For Hamilton In German – Lewis Hamilton become the winner  on the Grand Prix in German arena after the dramatical win after his closest competitor which is Sebastian Vettel Slipped from the arena because of the rain on that time. With this win, Hamilton for a moment get the highest position on the F1 2018 standings with 25 point, surpass Vettel that win by 8 point from him before.

Beside from getting the point, we could tell this win by Hamilton is the sensational one because he start the race from 14 position.  And for Vettel that we can say race on his own home, starting from the pole position.

In this GP German , Vettel actually have a big change to win the race because we can see that from the beginning of the race he is so dominant and always lead the race, Only his friend from ferari, Kimi Raikkonen, have a change to surpass him from the pole position.

But when the race only left 20 lap, the arena is pouring by rain, And on the 13 bend the accident happen, Vettel hit the wall and make him go out from the race without can do anything about that.

Safety car go inside the arena and after that the race been restarted, In here Hamilton see a chance. he change the tire and takes an advantage from Kimi Raikkonen that are using a ultra soft Tire one.

The pole position get over by Marcedes as soon as the race restarted. He and his fellow patner on the Marceded, Valtteri Botas become the two top on that race. Raikkonen still do his best to suprass them, but until the race over , the position is not change.

At last, hamilton finish first and then follow by Bottas on the second position, Kimi got the third position with over 6.732 second from the champion.

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Palestine Coach Feel Lucky His Team Won in the Last Second – A dramatically win reach by Palestine U – 23 with the score 2 – 1 when they are fighting Laos in the qualification group A Asian Games 2018. About that win, The head coach of Palestine, Ayman Sandouqa feel that his team are lucky.

On that match, Palestine actually are having the tempo and play very confident from the beginning of the first half. on the first ten minute, Laos player only can defend on their from the attack make by Palestine team. but until the first half whistle, Palestine failed to scored  a goal.

Even worse in the minutes of 14 Laos can scored one goal and make them lead 1 -0 from Palestine. At last Palestine finally  can score two goals in the end of second half and come out as the winner on that match. Sandouqa feels very lucky that they can win the game and get 3 poin from it.

” I fell very happy about the win, this is a long match and a hard one, But we are happy can scored two goal in the last time and feel very lucky about that. My hope that the team can play even better on the next match.” tell Sandouqa on the conference press after the match.

More over he said that it is a common things in football where your team play and create a lot of chance but find it very difficult to having a goal.

“It is a common things, however we promise that we will get even better on the next match.” stated Sandouqa.

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The King Kong Feel Confident on His Fight With Joshua – The challenger of Heavyweight boxing title Luis “King Kong” Ortiz show his Determination  after being defeated by Deontay Wilder last time. The boxer Fought confident and Bravely when he Knocks out Razvan Cojanu only in second round in the game that established on Staples Center, Los Angeles, United State of America , Saturday (28/07/2018)

Ortiz fought for the first time since he lose from Deontay Wilder on Maret 3 in Brooklyn, New york. On that fight, Ortiz have been knocked out in the ten round suprisingly after he almost won it in the seven round and make Wilder success to retain the WBC heavyweight title for the seventh time.

On his fight with Cojanu, King Kong show his determination and fought very confident until the end. The Kuba boxer look a little bit passive and slow in the first round, and that chance will not be miss by Cojanu to try to get the rhythm on the fight but until the first round is over, Cojanu can not do anything to hurt King Kong.

At last in the second round King Kong show us what he capable off, The 29 years old boxer land a right hook on the upper head of Cojanu, and then give the jab with his left hand right into Cojanu nose and Knocked him up so badly.

Cojanu try to stand again and land on the rope, But in the end he Failed. The referee which is Jerry Cantu stopped the fight when times still show 2 minute and 8 second on the second round out of ten.

“In my mind, I am still undefeated. I fell like i never lose to Deontay Wilder” tell Ortiz to the translator.

For his next fight, Ortiz tell that he want to fight Anthony Joshua, the Champion of WBA Super, IBF, WBO, And IBO. Lets see will their fight will be come true or not.

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Marc Marques Become the fastest on Free Practice 11 MotoGp Austria – Marc Marquez finish the first and become the fastest rider on free training season 2 in Austria

On Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, Friday (10-08-2018), the condition at that time is raining and also make the track wet, but that also can stop Marquez from being the best in the free training season.

his best time is one minute and thirty three second on one lap, but that number is so far away if compare with the one make by Jorge Lorenzo on the first free training season on Austria. in a very good condition track, the best time Lorenzo can make in one lap is one minute twenty three second.

On second place is Scott Redding that get one minute thirty four second behind follow by the Rider of Aprilia Gresini which is Danilo Petrucci with oen minute thirty four second behind.

Lorenzo alone must finish this training as the number four rider that cross the finish line, again with the same result with previous training season in where he is one ahead from his former team rider, Andrea Dovizioso.

Valentino Rossi got a disappointment result with only can finish in the ten place in the second training season, but its better than his first training in where he can only finish in eleven place.

Result of Free Practice 11 In MotoGp Austria


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Thibaut Courtois Officially Belongs to Real Madrid – Biggest transfer just happened near the closing window of this time transfer windows. Yes finally Chelsea is agreed to lose their main Goalkeeper to move to Real Madrid.

Chelsea agreed to lose Thibaut Courtois their main Goalkeeper to Real madrid on thursday morning (9/8/2018) . the National Keeper of Belgia agreed to join Real Madrid with the six year contact with the price that are not mentioned until now.

As we know after lose the Super Star Cristiano Ronaldo that move to Juventes in the past weekend, Los Blancos need to stronger their team if they want to get a positive result for this season. They are a lot of trasnfer rumors that we already heard that want to be realized by Real Madrid such as Eden Hazard, Cortuiz, Mbappe and also Neymar.

Now with Thibaut Courtois comes to Real Madrid , all the Blancos is waiting will Eden Hazard also will join their team is the season or not.

Perez alone also say that their team is in need of a striker that can replace the place of Cristiano Ronaldo in their team.

Now Courtois only need to wait for the medical check up result in Madrid. And after that twenty six years old keeper will be announce as one of the greatest player that ever play for Real Madrid. We will wait on how Courtois will show his existence on helping Real Madrid this season.

For Chelsea, the lose of Thibaut Courtois will be replace by Kepa Arrizabalaga. Chelsea already buy the goolkeeper from Athletic Bilbao at 80 million euro.

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